Indulge in your favorite holiday treats without gaining holiday bulge

DR. D art Holiday diet1.jpg

It’s that time again—the time of year where we are all tempted to indulge in those holiday-shaped cookies, drink lots of eggnog, chow down on candy canes and “taste test” all of the holiday goodies.

Studies show that most Americans gain a pound or two by New Year’s Day. Which, most people feel that gaining only a few pounds isn’t harmful, however, according to the National Institutes of Health, most Americans don’t lose the weight they gain during the holiday season.

But, with a game plan in mind while attending your holiday parties, you don’t have to become that statistic. By following a game plan it will be easy to enjoy those tasty holiday treats while keeping your figure for next year.

Experts at WebMD suggests that you follow these tips to help you avoid overindulging.

  • Never arrive hungry: Just like how you know better than to go grocery shopping without eating beforehand, you also don’t want to arrive to a party when you’re starving. If you’re starving, you’re more likely to eat more calories. Try to arrive after eating a healthy snack of vegetables, fruits, etc. And, if you do arrive hungry, fill up with some water first.
  • Pace Yourself: Don’t tell yourself that you’re going to eat only during the first half the party. If you do this, you will end up chewing faster and won’t feel as full. It is suggested to put your fork down between bites.
  • Count your appetizers: We all know that it’s easy to lose count since they are so small. But, if you keep your toothpicks it will be easier to keep track.
  • Outsmart the buffet: When the meal is served buffet style, it can be easy to feel that there’s so much food that you just have to try. But, to not get wrapped up in the extra calories, choose the smallest plate and reach for fruits, vegetables and healthy seafood.
  • Limit your alcohol intake: Avoid drinking too many of those fancy holiday cocktails, which are loaded with extra calories. Plus, drinking too much can lead to uncontrollably eating. If you don’t want to feel out of place by not drinking, sip on water or a club soda.
  • Be choosy about sweets: You want to be very selective with desserts, because it can be hard to limit yourself to just one or two bites, even if you say you will. Make sure it’s something that you like that way it feels like you’re treating yourself.
  • Bring your own treats: Consider taking a tasty, yet low-calorie dessert with you when you attend your office party or friends party. That will help the more fattening treats feel less tempting.
  • Limit tastes while cooking: If you’re the one in charge of the cooking, it can be easy to sample the goodies before everyone else. Remember that each spoonful still contains calories.
  • Walk it off: Make a new tradition of a holiday family walk or sign up for a community holiday 5K race. This will not only help you physically, but also keep your mind off food and make you feel more mindful of what you are consuming.

Just keep in mind that there is more to a holiday party than just the food. Go out and spread some holiday cheer this year, and enjoy time with your friends and family!